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Our work environments are often fast-paced and demanding. This is great for building businesses and growing industries, but without proper care and balance the constant grind will cause burn out. To prevent and remedy this, our expert staff provides quick, effective and convenient services to re-focus and re-energize your team. Book Drip IV Therapy for any type of corporate event, lunch and learn, or an employee/client appreciation event. You will see an increase in productivity, engagement, and bottom line results.

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The Harvard Business Review and The Rand Corp, a non-profit research institute, did a 10-year study on the Wellness Programs of the Fortune 100 Companies. The bottom line: Every dollar invested in the Wellness Programs yielded $6 in health care savings. Prevention was responsible for 86% of the hard healthcare cost-savings, generating $136 in savings per member, per month, and a 30% reduction in hospital admissions.

Investing in your workplace HEALTH is priceless + it adds to the “Employee Positivity Factor.”

Benefits include:

  • Employees are more willing to interact with customers in a positive way.

  • Co-worker interaction increases, which means more generation of new ideas and solutions.

  • Community focused and positive work environment.

  • More value produced by each employee.

  • Employee buy-in. Which helps retain your companies, top producers.

A healthy workplace positively affects a company’s bottom line. Make Drip IV Therapy a part of your corporate wellness program.


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