About drip


We are a team of health-obsessed doctors, nutritionists, pharmacists, athletic coaches, nurses, scientists and practitioners, all working together to help you optimize your health! Drip IV Therapy specializes in Anti-Aging and Athletic Performance treatments, however, we work with a broad range of clients, from people who are looking to enhance their mental clarity, manage chronic pain, boost their immune systems or simply practice methods of preventative medicine. We love working with everyone and look forward to seeing the positive impact that our therapies have on our clients lives.

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Our mission


Drip IV Therapy believes in creating health on a cellular level. We do so by infusing the body with nutrients and providing our clients with access to the highest quality ingredients and leading therapies that modern health science has to offer. 

We are committed to making IV Therapy accessible to all. Through great relationships in the health industry, we are able to source the highest quality ingredients for our premiere formulas at prices that help us minimize the cost of our services. We then give those savings to you!
We didn't start Drip to make the biggest buck. We started Drip to make the biggest difference. 


Why IV Therapy? 

We believe in Bio-Availability! An intravenous route is the quickest way to deliver nutrients to the body and get you feeling 100%. Drip IV's administer nutrients to the body in a liquid form aka "liquid gold". Once these nutrients hit the bloodstream they are carried throughout the body by the circulatory system, absorbed, then utilized, leaving you feeling energized, nourished, and hydrated.  Drip IV's are the perfect routine health practice for restoring vitamin levels, maintaining balanced energy, and optimizing your health. 


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